Add a Particle Emitter

From Shoot Em Up Kit

Uses of Particle Emitters

Particle Emitters play a particle effect such as smoke or rain.

Add a Particle Emitter

To add a Particle Emitter to the scene click the Particle Emitter icon ToolsMenu07.png on the Tools Menu and the cursor will change to a Particle Emitter icon. Move the icon to the required position and click to place it.

To move the Particle Emitter, use the Move Gizmo, or use the spin controls in the Properties window.

Properties Window

The Properties window will open when a Particle Emitter is added or selected:



Name Name of the Particle Emitter
Position The position of the Particle Emitter
Rotation The angle of the Particle Emitter
Particle The particle effect to be used. Click the name to select one.
Attach to Camera Check the box to make the Particle Emitter move with the camera
Hidden Check to hide the particle emitter in game
Enabled Specifies whether the Particle Emitter is switched on

Display List of Particle Emitters in Level

To get a list of all the Particle Emitters in the level, hold down CTRL when clicking the Particle Emitter icon ToolsMenu07.png on the Tools menu.