Add an Object

From Shoot Em Up Kit

Placing Object

To add an Object to the scene click the Object icon ToolsMenu12.png on the Tools menu and an entity selection window will open.


Select an entity, move it using the mouse and click to place it. To place multiple copies of an entity, hold down [CTRL] while placing.

Use the Gizmos on the toolbar to move, rotate and scale the Object.

Object Window

The Object window will open when an Object is added or selected. When an Object is placed, it will have two tabs:

General - sets general object properties such as position

Actions - sets up actions such as upgrades to be set up when selected events occur

All other properties (Model/Sprite, Collisions, Physics, Effects and Tags) will be as set in the Entity Editor for the entity. Changing a property in the Entity Editor will change it for all instances of that entity, for example if the explosion effect when a ship is destroyed is changed in the Entity Editor, the new explosion will be used for all instances of that ship in a game. To jump to the model in the Entity Editor quickly, click the arrow by the Entity in the General Tab.

Display List of Objects in Level

To get a list of all the Objects in the level, hold down CTRL when clicking the Object icon ToolsMenu12.png on the Tools menu.