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Effects such as sounds, particle effects or camera shake can be triggered when an Event occurs. To edit or add Effects go to the Effects tab for the entity - this is accessed by selecting an entity in the Entity Editor .


Some options are only available for a Sprite or a Model entity.

EffectsTab.png Event The event that will trigger the effect (see Events List)
Particle Particle effect to display. Click the thumbnail to select or the Deletebtn.png delete button to remove.
Scale Scale of the particle effect in the X, Y and Z directions
Rotation Direction of the particle effect.
Tag Tag the particle effect should be displayed at
Bank Rotate the entity during the event (for example, tilt an aircraft nose up while 'Control Up' is held).
Self-Righting Check if the entity should be returned to an upright position after the event
Rotation Offset Sets a default rotation for the object which all other rotations (e.g. Input or Banking) will base themselves around.
Sprite Sprite to replace the existing one with (eg different sprite if damaged)
Animation Animation to play
Sound Sound to play
Inner Glow Check box to add a glow effect in the entity and set it's duration
Outer Glow Check box to add a glow effect around the entity and set it's duration
Camera Shake Check box for a camera shake effect. Set the Duration, Severity and whether Camera Roll should occur
Micro Pause Check box for a very short pause in the game
Slow Motion Check box for a slow motion effect and set its Duration and Speed
Camera Shot Legacy. This will be removed from this list and added to the Action tab instead.

Events List

General Events Damage State Speed Direction Shield
Destroyed Damaged 0% Thrust applied Moving -X direction Shield
Damage occurring Damaged 0% Accelerate applied Moving +X direction
Collision Damaged 25% Brake applied Moving -Y direction Controls
Damaged 50% Stop Moving +Y direction Up/Down/Hold for each
Variable Damaged 75% Moving -Z direction
Greater/Less/Equals Dead Spawn Moving +Z direction Teleport
Alive Spawning Teleport (out)
Active Area Spawned Teleport (in)
Hit boundary