Active Area

From Shoot Em Up Kit

An Active Area is used to limit the area a Player, NPC, Formation or Camera can move in, for example to prevent a player ship from moving outside a set playing area or to keep enemies within a fixed zone.

To set up an Active Area, first place a Trigger and set the size and position so that it encloses the required area:

ActiveAreaScene.png ActiveAreaTrigger.png

Name Name of the Trigger
Position Position of the trigger
Shape Shape of the Trigger (sphere or box)
Size Size of the trigger (radius for sphere, side lengths for box)

Next place the entity inside the Trigger and set its Active Area in the Properties window General tab:


Active Area The Trigger you set up above (click name to select from list) or None if no active area
Area Movement Fixed - area does not move
Camera Relative - area moves with the camera (eg to keep the playing area in front of a moving camera)
Player Relative (only for NPCs) - area moves with the player entity
Area Action No Action - do nothing, boundary is ignored
Destroy Self
Wrap - teleport to opposite side of Active Area, continue moving
Bounce - bounce back from the boundary
Turn 180 - turn 180 degrees
Turn 90 (NPC only) - turn 90 degrees
Stop - stop moving

The entity will be able to move freely within the Active Area but will act as set in Area Action when it reaches an edge.