Generated Background

From Shoot Em Up Kit

A generated background is used to create a random spread of sprites, eg clouds or stars, scrolling across the background. To set a generated background for a level, click the Edit Background Settings button in the Level Settings window to open the Background Settings window and then click Generated Background to open the window section.

Background Generated.png

Click on the Sprite box to select a sprite.

Click on the Deletebtn.png to remove the sprite.

Click on Scale and Rotation to open the window section to set a scale and rotation for the sprite.

Select the scroll direction for the generated sprites from the Movement drop-down list and set the Speed. Use the Density slider to set how many sprites to generate.

It is possible to have several layers of generated sprites. To add a new layer, click the Add New Layer button. Use the Depth slider on each layer to set the position of the layers, closest to furthest.