Level Settings

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Level Settings window is used to set features such as background, music, collisions and end of level conditions for a level. It is opened by clicking the ToolsMenu16.png Level Settings icon on the Tools Menu.

LevelSettings.png Name Name of the level
End of Level Conditions Conditions that will mark a level as complete
Music Select the Sound Cue for the music to play or Deletebtn.png to remove music
Pre-Level UI Page The Front End page to display before the level starts
Post-Level UI Page The Front End page to display after the level ends
Edit Background Settings Opens the Background Settings window to set the level background
Display in Editor Check box to show any background movement set in the editor view
Gravity Check box to use gravity in the level
Gravity Force Set the gravity force to use in each direction
Use Ground Plane Check to set an invisible ground level to be used by the physics system
Ground Plane Distance of the ground plane from the centre of the world (Position 0,0,0)
Ground Plane Axis Axis of the ground plane
Ignore Collision Depth Match the Z position (depth) of objects so that they will still collide even if, in reality, one has passed behind the other
Pixel-Perfect Collision This gives very accurate collision detection but also requires a lot of processor power.
Edit Collision Groups Edit the Collision Groups to set which object types collide and which pass through each other
Ambient Colour Colour of the ambient light. Click the colour panel to open the colour selection box or use the sliders.
Ambient Intensity Intensity of the ambient light.
Post-Processing Select a post-processing effect from the list.
Use Bloom Apply a bloom effect to the game.
Use Depth of Field Apply a depth of field effect to the game so more distant objects appear out of focus.
Use Tone Apply a tone effect to the game.
Use Scanlines Apply a scanlines effect to the game.