End of Level Conditions

From Shoot Em Up Kit

End of Level Conditions are set in the Level Settings window.


Select up to 3 sets of conditions which will trigger the end of the level. Each condition can be a combination of:

Level Complete Triggered Occurs when a Trigger has been hit and the Trigger has its Action property set to Level Complete
Level Complete Timer Occurs when a Timer has reached 0 and the Timer has its Action property set to Level Complete
All Enemy Killed Occurs when all the enemy NPCs have been destroyed or are no longer enabled. NPC Generators are also checked to see if they are due to spawn any more NPCs.

Other settings available are:

All Enemy Killed Timer The time between the last enemy being killed and the end of level being triggered
Kill Chain Reset Time If a player sets up a kill chain, new kills are added as long as they occur within the set time.
Max Respawn Time Respawn player after this time even if the destroyed particle effect is still playing

By default, the first end of level condition is Level Complete Triggered, the second is Level Complete Timer and the third is All Enemy Killed. If any of these 3 conditions is met then the level will finish.

If a condition is set to be Level Complete Triggered and All Enemy Killed then both of these events must occur (kill all the enemy and then go to a trigger) before the level is complete.