Tools Menu

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Tools menu is used to place objects in a level. It also allows the user to modify Level Settings , select an item in the level, and display or resize the grid.

The buttons in the Tools menu are as follows:

ToolsMenu01.png Add Scenery

ToolsMenu02.png Add Player

ToolsMenu03.png Add NPC

ToolsMenu04.png Add NPC Generator

ToolsMenu05.png Add Light

ToolsMenu06.png Add Camera

ToolsMenu07.png Add Particle Emitter

ToolsMenu08.png Add Sound Cue

ToolsMenu09.png Create Spline

ToolsMenu10.png Add Trigger

ToolsMenu11.png Add Position

ToolsMenu12.png Add Object

ToolsMenu13.png Add Timer

ToolsMenu14.png Create Formation

ToolsMenu15.png Add Checkpoint

ToolsMenu16.png Level Settings

ToolsMenu27.png Create Wave

ToolsMenu18.png Select Item

ToolsMenu19.png Display Grid Lines

ToolsMenu20.png Set Grid Size

ToolsMenu31.png Current Layer - Items can be placed at different depths within the scene. Layers make it easier to place items in the foreground or background. The higher the layer number the deeper into the scene the items will be placed.

ToolsMenu32.png Distance between each layer

ToolsMenu28.png Snap To Grid

ToolsMenu29.png Snap To Object

ToolsMenu30.png Snap Rotation to 45 degrees

ToolsMenu22.png Front View

ToolsMenu23.png Side View

ToolsMenu24.png Top View

ToolsMenu25.png 3D View

ToolsMenu26.png Level Complete - Return to Level Menu