Add a Light

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Placing a Light

To add a Light to the scene click the Light icon ToolsMenu05.png on the Tools menu and the cursor will change to a Light icon. Move the icon to the required position and click to place it. The Light Properties window will open.



Name All light types Name of the light
Type All light types Type of light
Position All light types Position of the light - change by editing values or using the Gizmos
Rotation Spot, Directional Angle of the light - change by editing values or using the Gizmos
Colour All light types Colour of the light - move sliders to change or click the colour panel to open colour selection window
Range Spot, Point Range the light reaches
Inner Angle Spot Angle of the brighter inner cone of light
Outer Angle Spot Angle of the less bright outer cone of light
Cast Shadows Spot Whether the light casts shadows - also needs an appropriate Shader set
Parent All light types Parent Entity the light is attached to (Eg searchlight attached to rotating turret)
Hidden All light types Whether the light shown in game
Enabled All light types Whether the light is on

Light Types

Directional light - this lights a entire scene from the set direction. The position of the light makes no difference to the effect, it is uniform across the scene.

Point Light - this is like placing a light bulb in the scene. It lights objects in all directions that are within the set range.

Spot Light - this acts like a physical spotlight, sending a narrow beam of light out from its set position in the set direction.