Project Settings

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Project Settings window is displayed when you create a new project and is used to set up properties such as the project name, screen resolution and controller to keyboard mapping. To edit these properties for an existing project, go to the Project Menu by clicking the ToolBarMenu.png Menu icon on the Tool Bar and then click the Project Settings button to open the window. After clicking OK the Project Menu screen is displayed.

To make a new copy of an existing project with a different name, change the Project Name and click OK. A new version will be saved with the new name; the original project will not be affected and can be loaded and edited as usual. You can also use ToolBarSaveAs.png Save As on the Tool Bar.

ProjectSettings.png Project Name Name of the project - to save a new version of an existing project change this
Camera Choose game style 3D, 2D with models or 2D with sprites
Loop Levels Check to restart game at Level 1 when last level is completed
Simple Physics Check to use Simple Physics, uncheck if using full physics (set up elsewhere) or no physics
Fixed Resolution Check to use a fixed resolution and set the width and height
Aspect Ratio Choose from Any, 4:3 or 16:9
Force Full Screen Check to play the game full screen, uncheck to play in a window
Show FPS Display the number of frames per second the game is running at
Working Resolution Working Resolution for the game
Optimise CPU Check to enable optimisations which are still in development - if you experience crashes turn this off
Optimise Memory An experimental option to store objects more efficiently
Keyboard/Mouse Mapping Set how keyboard/mouse controls correspond to controller controls
Sensor Mapping Set how controller controls correspond to tilt controls on tilt-enabled devices