Tool Bar

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The toolbar appears across the top of every editor page and provides access to many of the features and shortcuts to the other editors.

ToolBarMenu.png Go to project menu

ToolBarOpen.png Open a project

ToolBarSave.png Save current project

ToolBarSaveAs.png Save current project with new name

ToolBarBuild.png Build project

ToolBarUndo.png Undo last action

ToolBarRedo.png Redo undone action

ToolBarZoomIn.png Zoom in

ToolBarZoomOut.png Zoom out

ToolBarDelete.png Delete selected item

ToolBarSelect.png Select item

ToolBarMove.png Move selected item

ToolBarRotate.png Rotate selected item

ToolBarScale.png Scale selected item

ToolBarSwitch.png Switch between local and global coordinates for move/rotate/scale

ToolBarCopy.png Copy selected item

ToolBarPaste.png Paste copied item

ToolBarPasteInst.png Paste instance of copied item

ToolBarReplace.png Replace model for selected entity

ToolBarEntityEditor.png Go to Entity Editor

ToolBarSpriteEditor.png Go to Sprite Editor

ToolBarSoundEditor.png Go to Sound Editor

ToolBarParticleEditor.png Go to Particle Editor

ToolBarFEEditor.png Go to Front-End Editor

ToolBarHUDEditor.png Go to HUD (Heads Up Display) Editor

ToolBarLevelEditor.png Go to Level Editor

ToolBarBehaviour.png Go to Behaviour Editor

ToolBarDebug.png Debug project

ToolBarTestGame.png Test current game from the first level

ToolBarTestLevel.png Test current level

ToolBarLEProps.png Set Level Editor Properties

ToolBarHelp.png Open User Guide in browser