Sprite Editor

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Sprite Editor is used to import 2D graphics into the Shoot ‘Em Up Kit. It can also be used to combine multiple images to create an animated sprite, and to define collision masks for a sprite which allow the sprite to collide in a different way from its appearance.

To open the Sprite Editor click the ToolBarSpriteEditor.png icon on the Tool Bar.


Select a sprite from the Menu to edit it or select Create New to add a new sprite. You can also delete a sprite using the Deletebtn.png delete button.

Clicking Create New or selecting a sprite to edit will open up two windows and display the texture, or a default texture if creating a new sprite.


To move the texture, hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse. To zoom in and out, use the mouse wheel.


The first window is the Preview window which shows the currently selected sprite. It will also show animations if the sprite is animated.

The second window is the Sprite window where the name, texture and animation for the sprite is set up. First, choose a texture in the Texture tab. Next, set up the position, name and whether the sprite is to be added an an entity to be used in game in the Sprite tab. Lastly, if the sprite is to be animated set the frames and speed in the Animation and Auto tabs.

Use the OK button to save changes and the Cancel button to discard them. The buttons are shown on all tabs.