Sprite Editor Animation Tab

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Animation tab in the Sprite window of the Sprite Editor is used to edit and set properties of an animated sprite.


The Timeline of the animation (all sprites with their duration in order) is shown in a seperate window. The current frame is marked with an arrow below the timeline.


Num Frames - number of frames in the animation

Current Frame - frame being edited (not editable if Edit All Frames is checked)

Duration - duration of the current frame

Loop - check for a continuously looping animation (eg propellor), uncheck for single play (eg explosion)

Edit All Frames - check to make changes apply to all frames, uncheck to apply to current frame only

Insert - add a new frame at the end of the animation

Insert After - add a new frame after the current one

Delete - delete the current frame

Preview - rewind, play, stop or fast forward the animation playing in the Preview window. To play a section, move the tags above the timeline to the start and end points of the section.

Onion - check to show previous frames of animation faintly in the background

To change a sprite in the animation, make it the Current Frame then go to the Sprite tab. The current sprite will be outlined with a red box. Change the Position X and Y values or click with the mouse to select a different sprite in the texture.