Sprite Editor Sprite Tab

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Sprite tab in the Sprite window of the Sprite Editor is used to set the position, name and whether the sprite is to be added an an entity to be used in game.


Position X and Y, Width, Height - by default, the position will be 0,0 (the top left corner) and the width and height will match that of the texture. If the sprite fills the whole texture this is fine, but if the texture has multiple sprites such as the example below, set the position to the top left corner of the sprite you want and the width and height to it's size. The area selected will be outlined with a red box as shown. The position can be set by editing the X and Y values or by clicking the required position with the mouse.


Transparent - check the box if the sprite has transparent areas.

Create an Entity - check the box to make the sprite an Entity to be used in the Level Editor, eg as a Player, an Enemy or Scenery.

Entity Name - the name of the Entity to be created.