Sprite Editor Auto Tab

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Auto tab is used to automatically create multiple sprites or animations from a single texture in the Sprite Editor.


Frames Per Sprite - number of frames in each sprite (more than 1 gives an animated sprite)

Rows - number of rows to use

Columns - number of columns to use

The example above will create 4 animated sprites, each with 16 frames, from an 8x8 sheet of sprites. The sprite size and top left corner position are set in the Sprite tab. The duration of each frame of an animated sprite and whether it should loop are set in the Animation tab.

To make a single animated sprite from the purple sprites, change the Y position on the Sprite tab to the top of the first purple sprite, leave Frames Per Sprite at 16 and Columns at 8 and change Rows to 2.

To make 64 individual sprites, change Frames Per Sprite to 1 and leave Rows and Columns on 8.