Paste and Paste Instance

From Shoot Em Up Kit

To copy an entity in the Level Editor, select it then click the ToolBarCopy.png Copy icon on the Tool Bar.

There are two ways to paste the entity, ToolBarPaste.png Paste and ToolBarPasteInst.png Paste Instance. Click the appropriate icon on the Tool Bar, position the new copy with the mouse and click to place it.

ToolBarPaste.png Paste will place a new entity identical to the one copied, but properties such as AI behaviour can be changed for the new copy without affecting the original. This could be used if a few identical ships are to behave in different ways or move at different speeds.

ToolBarPasteInst.png Paste Instance will place a Clone, a new entity identical to the one copied, but with properties such as AI behaviour shared with the original which cannot be set independently. This could be used for a wave of identical enemies - only one needs editing to change the properties of them all. Selecting a clone gives the Clone general pane:


Clone of Item Item that has been cloned. Click the arrow to go to that item to set other properties.
Name Name of the clone
Position Position of the clone
Rotation Angle of the clone
Scale Scale of the clone
Hidden If checked, the clone is active but invisible in game.
Enabled Specifies whether the clone is switched on.