Adding your own Sprite Tutorial

From Shoot Em Up Kit

To add your own sprite to a project in the Shoot 'Em Up Kit, place the sprite in the project texture folder (Shoot-Em-Up Kit Projects/projects/[project name]/textures). If you don't have a project yet, you can create a new one.


Open the project in the Shoot 'Em Up Kit and go to the Sprite Editor


Select Create New to add a new sprite


In the Sprite tab you can set the name and size, whether the sprite has transparency and whether to create an Entity for the sprite (objects that can be used in the Level Editor as Players, Enemies, Scenery etc.)


Next, go to the Texture tab and click on the texture box. This will bring up a list of all available textures including the one you added to the textures folder. Select the new one and click OK.


The sprite will now be available in your project, and if you checked the Create an Entity box in the Sprite Editor Sprite Tab, it will be available to place in a level