NPC Definition

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The NPC Definition is used to create a standard set of properties which apply to an NPC. These include speed, health, and how to react when destroyed.

The NPC Definition list is displayed when you select DefineNPC.png NPC Definition on the Define Menu in the Level Editor.


Select a definition to edit it or select Create New to create a new one. You can also Copybtn.png Copy or Deletebtn.png Delete an existing definition.

Selecting a new or existing definition will open the NPC Definition window:

NPCDefinition.png Name Name of the definition
Health Initial health of the NPC
Time Invulnerable Time the NPC should be invulnerable for after respawn
Movement Style Move on Axis or Rotate
Collision Action The action to take on collision - Do Nothing or Stop
Kill Score How many points killing the NPC is worth
Remove from Scene Check box to remove the NPC from the scene when killed
Respawn when player killed Check box to respawn the NPC when the player is killed
Disable when leaving camera Check to disable the NPC when it moves off screen
Enable when on camera Check to enable the NPC when it moves into view