Define Menu

From Shoot Em Up Kit

Definitions are a convenient way of creating a set of parameters which can be used by multiple players, NPCs, Weapons or Bullets across a range of projects.

The Definitions are accessed from the Define menu within the Level Editor.


DefinePlayer.png Player Definition - Set lives, health, collision action, actions on killed

DefineNPC.png NPC Definition - Set health, collision action, actions on killed, display off screen

DefineUpgrade.png Upgrade Definition - Create upgrades eg speed increase, weapon upgrade, extra life

DefineInput.png Input Definition - Set actions for controller inputs

CustomVariable.png Custom Variable Definition - Create Custom Variables to use in the game

DefineWeapon.png Weapon Definition - Create weapon, set bullet, rate of fire, reload, bullet pattern etc

DefineBullet.png Bullet Definition - Create bullet, set sprite/model, collision action, behaviour etc

DefineShield.png Shield Definition - Create shield and set properties

DefineMovement.png Movement Definition - Set how an entity moves (eg speed, rotation)

AIEvents.png AI Event Definition - Create an AI Event

EventCondBtn.png Event Condition Definition - Create Event Conditions to combine events

Clicking one of these types opens a new window which gives the option of creating a new definition; or editing, copying or deleting an existing definition.


Click Create New to create a new definition

Click the name of the definition to edit an existing definition.

Click the Copy button Copybtn.png to create a copy of the definition and add it to the end of the list.

Click the Delete button Deletebtn.png to delete the definition.