Weapon Definition

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Weapon Definition is used to create a standard set of properties which apply to a Weapon. These include number and rate of bullets to fire, bullet patterns and ammo clip setup.

The Weapon Definition list is displayed when you select DefineWeapon.png Weapon Definition on the Define Menu in the Level Editor.


Select a definition to edit it or select Create New to create a new one. You can also Copybtn.png Copy or Deletebtn.png Delete an existing definition.

Selecting a new or existing definition will open the Weapon Definition window:

WeaponDefProps.png Name Name of the definition
Entity If the weapon has a model rather than being part of the player/NC entity (eg a turret), select it here
Scale Scale of the weapon entity
Rotation Angle of the weapon entity
Muzzle Flash Particle Particle Effect to show when the weapon fires
Bullet Definition Bullet to fire from the weapon
Max Active Bullets Maximum number of active bullets at one time - weapon won't fire more until some are destroyed
Num Bullets to Fire Number of bullets to fire at once
Rate of Fire Time between bullets
Range Distance bullets should travel - they will be destroyed at this distance
Speed Speed of bullets
Projectile Damage Damage each bullet inflicts on collision
Bullet Pattern Bullet Pattern to use, created in the Particle Editor
Min Duration Minimum duration for the bullet pattern, firing will continue for this time even if the Fire button is released earlier
Max Duration Maximum duration for the bullet pattern, firing will stop after this time even if the Fire button is still pressed
Reload Not Required, Manual Reload or Automatic Reload
Unlimited Ammo Check box for unlimited ammo
Max Ammo Maximum amount of ammo a weapon can have
Clip Ammo The amount of ammo a weapon clip can contain. Reload when empty.
Reload Time Time taken to reload the weapon clip
Sound Weapon firing sound
Reload Sound Weapon reloading sound