Bullet Definition

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Bullet Definition is used to create a standard set of properties which apply to a Bullet. These include model/sprite, collision action and health.

The Bullet Definition list is displayed when you select DefineBullet.png Bullet Definition on the Define Menu in the Level Editor.


Select a definition to edit it or select Create New to create a new one. You can also Copybtn.png Copy or Deletebtn.png Delete an existing definition.

Selecting a new or existing definition will open the Bullet Definition window:

BulletDefProps.png Name Name of the definition
Entity Model/sprite to use for the bullet
Scale Scale of the bullet entity
Rotation Angle of the bullet entity
Grow(%) For a bullet that grows over it's lifetime, set the new scale and the time to take to reach it.
Particle A Particle emitted by the bullet
Scale Set a scale for the particle to change it's size
Sound Sound effect for the bullet
Destroyed Particle Particle to show when the bullet is destroyed
Scale Set a scale for the destroyed particle to change it's size
Collision Action Do Nothing, Bounce, Turn Yaw 90°, Turn Yaw 180°, Turn Yaw 270°, Turn Pitch 90°
Health Health of the bullet
Damage Multiplier Amount to multiply the damage caused by the bullet by
Bullet Behaviour None (travel straight), Track Enemy, Track Friendly, Track Neutral. Track Entity, Destroy at Point, Destroy at Range (entity/point are set in the Weapons Tab of a Player or NPC if a weapon using the bullet is selected)
Turn Speed For a tracking bullet, set how quickly the bullet can turn towards the target
Use Owner's Active Area Use the same Active Area as the entity that fired the bullet
Area Action Action to take at the edge of the Active Area - Nothing, Destroy Self, Wrap (reappear at opposite side), Bounce, Turn 180°, Turn 90°
When Killed Remove from Scene Remove the bullet from the scene when destroyed