Movement Definition

From Shoot Em Up Kit

The Movement Definition is used to control an entity's movement style and speed. Set a Movement Definition for a Player or NPC to set how it moves.

The Movement Definition list is displayed when you select Movement Definition on the Define Menu in the Level Editor.


Select a definition to edit it or select Create New to create a new one. You can also Copybtn.png Copy or Deletebtn.png Delete an existing definition.

Selecting a new or existing definition will open the Movement Definition window:

MoveDefinition.png Name Name of the definition
Acceleration Type None - instantly goes to maximum speed
Linear - increases at a fixed rate
Quadratic - increases at a changing rate based on a quadratic curve
Proportional - acceleration rate varies on stick position
Step - move in steps (set Step Distance, Step Repeat Time) to give a retro feel
Acceleration Time to reach maximum speed (seconds)
Brake Time to stop (seconds)
Max Speed Maximum speed
Rotation Acceleration Time to reach maximum rotational speed (seconds)
Rotation Brake Time to stop rotating (seconds)
Max Rotation Speed Maximum rotational speed
Min Velocity to Rotate Entity will not rotate if moving slower than this
Resistance Slows down movement and rotation over time, emulates friction. Can be used as an alternative to a full physics simulation.
Step Distance Length of each step if Acceleration Type is Step
Step Repeat Time Time between steps if Acceleration Type is Step
Velocity Constant to apply the constant velocity set below to the entity or None
X,Y,Z, Forward Set velocity selected above in the set directions
Can Reverse Check if entity can go backwards
Combine Speed Over Axis Limits the distance the entity moves based on the input direction so that the entity does not move faster when pressing two directions (up and right, for example) rather than just right.
Face Direction Moving Rotate entity so it always faces the direction it is moving in