NPC General Tab

From Shoot Em Up Kit

To access the General Tab for an NPC, select an existing NPC or place a new one in the Level Editor.

NPCGeneral.png Name NPC name
Entity The Entity to use for the NPC. Click the arrow to open the selected entity in the Entity Editor.
Position The position of the NPC.
Rotation The angle of the NPC.
Scale The scale of the NPC.
NPC Definition The NPC Definition which the NPC will use.
Input Definition The Input Definition which the NPC will use.
Movement Definition The Movement Definition which the NPC will use.
Team The team the NPC belongs to. This is used by the AI to determine who the enemy are. Choose from Player Team, Enemy Team 1, Enemy Team 2, Enemy Team 3, Enemy Team 4, Neutral.
Collision Group The Collision Group the NPC is in
Shield Definition The Shield for the NPC.
Active Area Set an Active Area for the NPC and set the desired behaviour at the edge of it eg bounce or wrap.
Parent Entity The NPC can be attached to a Parent Entity eg a gun turret to a tank.
Hidden If checked, the NPC is active but invisible in game.
Enabled Specifies whether the NPC is switched on.