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Pop-ups are sprites or text that appear on screen during a game. They can be triggered by Timers, Triggers or as Player or NPC Actions. They could be used to display information when the player reaches a trigger or collects a bonus, or to show a conversation by showing text pop-ups triggered by timers (these could include sound cues with spoken text).

Creating a Pop-Up

To create a pop-up, go to the HUD Editor by selecting the ToolBarHUDEditor.png icon on the Tool Bar. Click the Pop-Up Event icon HUDToolsPopup.png on the Tools menu to display the Pop-Ups menu:


Select a pop-up to edit or Create New to create a new one. The General window will open and the message Editing PopUp [name] will appear at the top left of the screen.


Name Name of the pop-up.
Audio Sound Cue to play when pop-up opens.
Pop-Up Duration Time to display pop-up for (set to 0 to make Fire to Progress only).
Fire to Progress Check box to close pop-up when Fire button is pressed.

Adding Sprites, Text and Video


Use the Tools menu to add HUDToolsSprite.png sprites, HUDToolsText.png text and HUDToolsVideo.png video to the pop-up in the same way as in the HUD Editor.

When the pop-up is complete, click Done on the Tools menu to return to the main HUD Editor screen.

Using Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can be set to be displayed when a Wave of NPCs is destroyed or in the Actions Tab of a Player, Object, NPC, NPC Generator, Timer, Trigger or Formation.