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Actions allow Upgrades, Pop-Ups or Actions to be triggered, or entities to be activated or deactivated, when an Event occurs. You can also change AI State, spawn an entity, trigger an Effect, change a Custom Variable or trigger an AI Event.

Actions are available for Players, Objects, NPCs, NPC Generators, Timers, Triggers and Formations. To edit or add Actions go to the Actions tab for the entity - this is accessed by selecting an entity in the Level Editor .


Click Add Action to add a new action.


ActionsTab2.png Event The event that will trigger the action (see Events List)
Upgrade (Self) An Upgrade to apply to this entity
Trigger Pop-Up A Pop-Up to display
Action An Action to perform (see Actions List)
Change AI State Select new AI State
Activate An entity to activate (click Addbtn.png to add)
Deactivate An entity to deactivate (click Addbtn.png to add)
Spawn Entity Click to select an entity to spawn from the list
Spawn Map Item Click to select an item in the level to spawn a copy of
Custom Variable Click to select a Custom Variable to change, the select Set or (if numerical) Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide and a value
Property Select a property to change from the list (eg Player->Health or Game->Next Level) and a new value
Method Select an item in the level and a method from the list (eg select a Trigger and the Enable, Disable, Reset or Toggle method). Not all item types have methods.
Trigger Effect Select an event to play the entity's effect for that event (eg select Damage to play the entity's Damage effect for this event)
Trigger AI Event Click to select an AI Event to trigger

Actions List


Destroy Self

Return to Spawn Point

Kill Entity

Kill Player

Game Over

Level Complete

Detach Child

Attach Child

Attach/Replace Child

Events List

General Events Damage State Speed Direction Shield
Destroyed Damaged 0% Thrust applied Moving -X direction Shield
Damage occurring Damaged 0% Accelerate applied Moving +X direction
Collision Damaged 25% Brake applied Moving -Y direction Controls
Damaged 50% Stop Moving +Y direction Up/Down/Hold for each
Variable Damaged 75% Moving -Z direction
Greater/Less/Equals Dead Spawn Moving +Z direction Teleport
Alive Spawning Teleport (out)
Active Area Spawned Teleport (in)
Hit boundary