Vertical Scrolling Game Tutorial

From Shoot Em Up Kit

Method 1: Scrolling Background

In Level Settings in the Tools Menu you can set a background sprite to move vertically at a set speed as shown:


You can then use a fixed camera and move the player up/down/left/right on the screen

Method 2: Scrolling Scenery

This is similar to the Scrolling Background method but instead of a background sprite you add NPCs as background scenery items and set the AI to move in the –Y direction as shown:


Method 3: Moving player

Place a player in the scene and rotate it to point vertically using the Rotate tool. ToolBarRotate.png


In the Define menu, select Player Definition and make a copy of Velocity +X


Scroll to the bottom of the list and open the copy. Rename it to Velocity +Y


Next scroll down to Velocity and set X to 0 and Y to the required constant speed


Next place NPCs and change the AI to from Chase to Move –Y


Next place scenery items


Next place a camera and set it to follow the player as shown:


This is a simple vertical scrolling game that you can build on to make a more complex game.