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Build games by placing entities in a level using drag and drop object placement in the Level Editor and setting properties. Some entities are included in the Shoot 'Em Up Kit and it is also possible to add your own.

When an entity is placed, the Properties window will open. This allows you to set how the entity will move, what weapons it has etc. If it is an enemy character (NPC), you will also have an AI tab where you can select the behaviour (eg chase player, move in a set direction) from a list.

Many entity types have Actions tabs in their Properties window. Actions control what happens when events such as damage, destruction or controller input happen to the entity. This could be activating or deactivating another object, triggering a weapon upgrade or displaying a pop-up.

It is also possible to set general properties for the level such as background, music and lighting in the Level Settings, set up information to be shown in-game (eg score) in the HUD Editor and set screens to be displayed before and after the game and between levels in the Front-End Editor.

Creating a New Project

When you first open the Shoot 'Em Up Kit, you will see the Main Menu. From here, you can create a new game or edit or play an existing one.

To create a new game, select Create. This will open the Create Menu. There are three options, Create from a Template, Copy a Project and Empty Project. For this example, select Empty Project.

The Project Settings window will be displayed. This is used to set up properties such as the project name, screen resolution and controller to keyboard mapping. The default values are OK for most games - just give the project a name, choose a game style (3D, 2D with models or 2D with sprites) and click OK.

After clicking OK the Project Menu screen will be displayed.The Project Menu will be displayed. It has links to all the Editors and Settings used to build a game. To start building the first level, go to the Level Editor.

To place a player ship:

- Select the ToolsMenu02.png Player icon on the Tools menu

- Select a ship from the list displayed

- Move the ship using the mouse and click to place

To place an enemy (NPC):

- Select the ToolsMenu03.png NPC icon on the Tools menu

- Select a ship from the list displayed

- Move the ship using the mouse and click to place

The default AI (behaviour) for the NPC is to fire and chase the Player.

This is a playable game. Test it out by clicking the ToolBarTestLevel.png Test Level or ToolBarTestGame.png Test Game icons on the Tool Bar.

Expanding the Project

Once you have a player and an enemy, you have a very basic game. From here, there are many ways to build on it including:

- Add different enemies (NPCs) or use the ToolBarCopy.png Copy and ToolBarPaste.png ToolBarPasteInst.png Paste icons on the Tool Bar to copy the existing one

- Change the enemy AI (behaviour)

- Set a background

- Add your own sprites or models

- Add scenery

- Add a fixed or moving camera

- Edit the HUD (Heads Up Display) which shows score, health etc in-game

- Look at the Game Genres tutorials on different game styles